Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance

Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance

World Trade Forum

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1. Introduction: current challenges and future scenarios Manfred Elsig, Michael Hahn and Gabriele Spilker; Part I. New and Old Challenges: 2. The elephant in the negotiation room: PTAs through the eyes of citizens Quynh Nguyen and Gabriele Spilker; 3. Corporate strategy in times of anti-trade sentiment: current challenges and future scenarios Jappe Eckhardt and Louise Curran; 4. Understanding and shaping trade rules for the digital era Mira Burri; 5. The need for better disciplines on rules of origins in the WTO: evidence from NAFTA Caroline Freund; 6. For whom the bell tolls: the WTO's third decade Michael Hahn; Part II. Trade Policy and Trade-Related Concerns: 7. Reconceiving trade agreements for social inclusion Gregory Shaffer; 8. Our alarming climate crisis demands border adjustments now John Odell; 9. The multilateralization of PTAs' environmental clauses: scenarios for the future? Jean-Frederic Morin, Clara Brandi and Axel Berger; 10. The trend to more and stricter non-trade issues in preferential trade agreements Lisa Lechner; Part III. Development Angles: 11. The trade-migration nexus from a multilevel perspective Flavia Jurje and Sandra Lavenex; 12. Trips implementation in developing countries: likely scenarios to 2025 Omar Serrano and Mira Burri; 13. Investment promotion and facilitation for LDCs Rodrigo Polanco Lazo and Azernoosh Bazrafkan; Part IV. Diffusion across Economic Treaties: 14. Heading for divorce? Investment protection rules in free trade agreements Wolfgang Alschner; 15. The regime complex for investment governance: overlapping provisions in PTAs and BITs Soo Yeon Kim and Clara Lee; 16. Asian Trade agreements in services: filling form with content Mark Manger.