Science of Violent Behavior Development and Prevention

Science of Violent Behavior Development and Prevention

Contributions of the Second World War Generation

Tremblay, Richard E.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Richard E. Tremblay; 2. From birth in a British orphanage to assessments of American Indians' development Elizabeth Jane Costello; 3. From rationing, illness and stress to the creation of a major longitudinal birth cohort Jean Golding; 4. From a country girl in south Finland to longitudinal research on alternatives to aggression and violence Lea Pulkkinen; 5. From occupied Netherlands to the Pittsburgh longitudinal studies Magda Stouthamer-Louber and Rolf Loeber; 6. From delinquent development to old age crime David P. Farrington; 7. Nurture and nature - surviving in the shadows of war Menno R. Kruk; 8. From an unruly child to a political protester and a promoter of ecology-minded concept of human development Rainer K.Silbereisen; 9. From the frustration-aggression hypothesis to moral reasoning and action Gian-Vittorio Caprara; 10. A torturous path towards understanding and preventing the development of chronic physical aggression Richard E. Tremblay; 11. From a ruined German neighborhood to resilient human development Friedrich Losel; 12. The last war baby Benjamin B. Lahey; 13. Comments on the autobiographies of the World War II babies by younger peers.
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violence; aggression; development; longitudinal studies; experimental studies; prevention; children; adolescents; history; crime