Rule of Manhood

Rule of Manhood

Tyranny, Gender, and Classical Republicanism in England, 1603-1660

Gianoutsos, Jamie A.

Cambridge University Press





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Part I. Emasculated Kingship: 1. Tyranny, manhood, and the study of history; 2. A chaste Virginia: tyranny and the corruption of law in Jacobean England; 3. 'And thus did the wicked sonne murther his wicked mother': Nero and the tyrannical household in late Jacobean England; 4. Neronian corruption in Caroline England; Part II. The Masculine Republic: 5. John Milton, marriage, and the realisation of Republican manhood; 6. 'Begin now to know themselves men, and to breath after liberty': Marchamont Nedham and the Republican empire; 7. 'So much power and piety in one': Oliver Cromwell and the masculine republic.
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