Rock Physics Handbook

Rock Physics Handbook

Dvorkin, Jack (Stanford University, California); Mavko, Gary (Stanford University, California); Mukerji, Tapan (Stanford University, California)

Cambridge University Press






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Responding to the latest developments in rock physics research, this third edition has been thoroughly updated while retaining its comprehensive coverage of the fundamental theory and concepts in solid Earth geophysics. With worked examples, MATLAB (R) codes and datasets, it is the go-to reference for students, researchers and industry professionals.
Preface; 1. Basic tools; 2. Elasticity and Hooke's law; 3. Seismic wave propagation; 4. Effective elastic media: bounds and mixing laws; 5. Granular media; 6. Fluid effects on wave propagation; 7. Empirical relations; 8. Flow and diffusion; 9. Electrical properties; Appendices; References; Index.
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