Rise of Responsibility in World Politics

Rise of Responsibility in World Politics

Hansen-Magnusson, Hannes; Vetterlein, Antje

Cambridge University Press





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Part I: Introduction; 1. The Rise of Responsibility in World Politics Antje Vetterlein and Hannes Hansen-Magnusson; Part II: Security; 2. Twisting Sovereignty: Security and Human Rights in the 'Invention' and Promotion of the Responsibility to Protect Benjamin de Carvalho; 3. Negotiating Responsibility in Conventional Weapons Disarmament Adam Bower; 4. 'Coalitions of the Willing' and the Shared Responsibility to Protect Toni Erskine; Part III: Environment; 5. Global Environmental Responsibility in International Society Robert Falkner; 6. Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Justice: Broadening the Notion of Responsibility in International Law Virginie Barral; 7. Responsibility and Climate Change: Reframing Norms, Practices, and Community Helga Haflidadottir and Anthony F Lang, Jr.; Part IV: Business; 8. The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Global Norm Informing the Practices of Economic Actors Hevina S. Dashwood; 9. An Expanding Conception of Social Responsibility? Of Global Norms and Changing Corporate Perceptions Kelly Kollmann and Alvise Favotto; 10. Can Corporations be Held 'Responsible'? Grahame F. Thompson; Part V: Conclusion; 11. Responsibility and Virtue Ethics: How to Tackle Ethical Dilemmas in World Politics? Hannes Hansen-Magnusson and Antje Vetterlein; Bibliography; Index.
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