Rights Turn in Conservative Christian Politics

Rights Turn in Conservative Christian Politics

How Abortion Transformed the Culture Wars

Cambridge University Press






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Abbreviations; List of tables and figures; 1. Introduction: rights on the right; 2. Cultivating the value of rights: Evangelicals and abortion politics; 3. But words can never hurt me: learning the value of free speech; 4. Separation tranquility: abortion and the decline of the separation of church and state; 5. First do no harm: abortion and health care opposition; 6. Who's rights: abortion politics, victims, and offenders in the death penalty debate; 7. Where's the right? What abortion taught the losers in the gay marriage debate; 8. Conclusion. Rights, reciprocity, and the future of conservative religious politics; References; Appendix 1. Variable coding; Appendix 2. Statistical tables; Endnotes.
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