Remembered Dead

Remembered Dead

Poetry, Memory and the First World War

Minogue, Dr. Sally; Palmer, Andrew (Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent)

Cambridge University Press






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The Remembered Dead explores the ways poets of the First World War - and later poets writing in the memory of that war - address the difficult question of how to remember, and commemorate, those killed in conflict. It looks closely at the way poets struggled to represent death, trauma, and grief.
1. 'But you are dead!': early struggles over representation; 2. 'The world's worst wound': death, consciousness and modernism; 3. 'Fierce imaginings': the radical myth-making of David Jones and Isaac Rosenberg; 4. Memorial poems and the poetics of memorialising; 5. 'Disquieting matter': the unburied corpse in war poetry; 6. 'Horrors here smile': the poem, the photograph and the punctum; 7. Dulce et Decorum Est.
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