Production of Knowledge

Production of Knowledge

Enhancing Progress in Social Science

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1. Introduction John Gerring, James Mahoney and Colin Elman; Part I. Discovery: 2. Exploratory Research Richard Swedberg; 3. Research Cycles Evan Lieberman; Part II. Publishing: 4. Peer Review Tim Liao; 5. Length Limits John Gerring and Lee Cojocaru; Part III. Transparency and Reproducibility: 6. Transparency and Reproducibility: Conceptualizing the Problem Garret Christensen and Edward Miguel; 7. Transparency and Reproducibility: Potential Solutions Garret Christensen and Edward Miguel; 8. Making Research Data Accessible Diana Kapiszewski, Sebastian Karcher; 9. Pre-registration and Results-Free Review in Observational and Qualitative Research Alan M. Jacobs; Part IV. Appraisal: 10. Replication for Quantitative Research Jeremy Freese and David Peterson; 11. Measurement Replication in Qualitative and Quantitative Studies Dan Reiter; 12. Reliability of Inference: Analogs of Replication in Qualitative Research Tasha Fairfield and Andrew Charman; 13. Coordinating Reappraisals John Gerring; 14. Comprehensive Appraisal John Gerring; 15. Impact Metrics John Gerring, Sebastian Karcher and Brendan Apfeld; Part V. Diversity: 16. Gender Diversity Dawn Teele; 17. Ideological Diversity Neil Gross and Christopher Robertson; VI. Conclusion: 18. Proposals John Gerring, James Mahoney and Colin Elman
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