Principles of Political Economy

Principles of Political Economy

With a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Production and Accumulation of Wealth: 1. Definition of production; 2. Progressive nature of man; 3. Definition and growth of credit; 4. The introduction and use of money; 5. Division of employments among different countries; 6. Different employments of capital and labour; 7. Improvements in machinery; 8. Population proportioned to the means of subsistence; 9. Objects of insurance; 10. Interference of government; Part II. Value and Price: 1. Value of two sorts; 2. Cost of production; 3. Influence of mercantile speculations on price; 4. The employment of capital in production; Part III. Distribution of Wealth: 1. Wages; 2. The rate of wages; 3. A poor rate; 4. Education of the poor; 5. The origin of rent; 6. Influence of improvements; 7. Division of the produce of industry; 8. Interest and net profit identical; Part IV. Consumption of Wealth: 1. Definition of consumption; Appendix; Index.
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