Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America

Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: the political economy of taxation in Latin America Gustavo Flores-Macias; 2. The political economy of oil taxation in Latin America: policy volatility and untapped potential Francisco Monaldi; 3. Economic growth and tax compliance in Latin America Marcelo Bergman; 4. Path dependence, power resources, and the magnitude of the tax burden in Latin America Gabriel Ondetti; 5. Federalism and taxation: patterns of international insertion in Brazil Aaron Schneider; 6. Do particularistic institutions affect tax neutrality in Latin America? Mark Hallerberg and Carlos Scartascini; 7. Taxing Latin American economic elites Tasha Fairfield; 8. Weak liberalism and weak property taxation in Latin America James Mahon, Jr; 9. Preferences for redistribution and tax burdens Juan Bogliaccini and Juan Pablo Luna; 10. Conclusion: addressing taxation's political challenges Gustavo Flores-Macias.
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