Physics of Graphene

Physics of Graphene

Cambridge University Press






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Preface to the second edition; Preface to the first edition; 1. The electronic structure of ideal graphene; 2. Electron states in a magnetic field; 3. Quantum transport via evanescent waves; 4. The Klein paradox and chiral tunnelling; 5. Edges, nanoribbons and quantum dots; 6. Point defects; 7. Optics and response functions; 8. The Coulomb problem; 9. Crystal lattice dynamics, structure and thermodynamics; 10. Gauge fields and strain engineering; 11. Scattering mechanisms and transport properties; 12. Spin effects and magnetism; 13. Graphene on hexagonal boron nitride; 14. Twisted bilayer graphene; 15. Many-body effects in graphene; References; Index.
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