Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders

Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders


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Part I. Cognitive Function in Perioperative Care: 1. Emergence delirium: a new hypothesis for an old problem Alexander Proekt; 2. Postoperative delirium Jennifer Gabbard, Frederick E. Sieber and Esther S. Oh; 3. Postoperative cognitive dysfunction: an overview Jennifer Nelli, Deborah J. Culley and Gregory Crosby; 4. Postoperative cognitive improvement Franchesca Arias, Kimberly T. Sibille and Catherine C. Price; 5. Persistent perioperative neurocognitive disorder: does surgery accelerate dementia? Katie J. Schenning and Kirk J. Hogan; Part II. Pathophysiology of the Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders: 6. Animal models and cognitive testing of perioperative neurocognitive disorder Maryellen F. Eckenhoff and Colm Cunningham; 7. Anesthesia and neurodegeneration Phillip Vlisides and Zhongcong Xie; 8. Pharmacologic (receptor-based) mechanisms of postoperative cognitive dysfunction Lauren G. Powlovich and Zhiyi Zuo; 9. Surgery and the inflammatory response Azeem Alam and Daqing Ma; 10. Comorbidities and prolonged cognitive decline Mervyn Maze and Xiaomei Feng; Part III. Symptomatology and Diagnosis for the Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders: 11. Cognitive testing for perioperative neurocognitive disorder Lisbeth Evered; 12. Biomarkers of postoperative cognitive dysfunction: finding the signal amidst the noise Miles Berger, S. Kendall Smith and Anver Khan; 13. Neuroimaging in the perioperative neurocognitive disorders James W. Ibinson; Part IV. Clinical Recommendations and Prevention: 14. Preoperative testing to identify vulnerable subgroups Deborah J. Culley; 15. Informed consent and cognitive impairment Brendan Silbert and David A. Scott; 16. Perioperative neurocognitive disorder mitigation strategies Roderic G. Eckenhoff and Niccolo Terrando.
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