Origins of the Roman Economy

Origins of the Roman Economy

From the Iron Age to the Early Republic in a Mediterranean Perspective

Cifani, Gabriele

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; 2. Notes on the geographical context of early Rome; 3. The beginnings of a longue duree; 4. The Early Iron Age (Latial Phases II and III); 5. A settlement unlike others: the economic background to the rise of Rome; 6. Latial Phase IV; 7. Latial Phase IV A; 8. Latial Phase IV B; 9. The archaic phase (580-500 BC); 10. Modelling the demography and consumption; 11. People, places, times and institutions of roman archaic economy; 12. The economics of the early calendar; 13. The early Latins overseas; 14. The Fifth century BC; 15. Crisis and opportunities in the fifth century BC; 16. The archaeological evidence of the fourth century BC; 17. The fourth century transformations and the end of the roman archaic economy; 18. Epilogue; Appendices.
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