Origins of Isaiah 24-27

Origins of Isaiah 24-27

Josiah's Festival Scroll for the Fall of Assyria

Hays, Christopher B.

Cambridge University Press






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1. The rhetoric of chaos: apocalyptic and eschatological interpretations of Isaiah 24-27; 2. The royal and divine victory banquet: feasting and the construction of reality; 3. Revivification of the dead as national deliverance; 4. The lofty city and the army of the height: the archaeology and history of Ramat Ra?el; 5. Josiah and the remains of Israel; 6. The language of Isaiah 24-27 in light of Hebrew diachrony; 7. Stirring the echoes: an intertextual re-analysis of Isaiah 24-27; Conclusion: a scribe's story; Appendix A. Administrative seals and the history of Ramat Ra?el; Appendix B. Catalogue of LBH features in prophetic texts; Appendix C. The Moab fragments.
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