Ontology of Emotions

Ontology of Emotions

Naar, Hichem (University of Nebraska, Omaha); Teroni, Fabrice

Cambridge University Press






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A pioneering investigation into the nature of emotions, bringing together important questions in ontology, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind. Leading scholars explore a neglected aspect of the philosophy of emotion, paving the way for new advances in research. This book will be important for those working in the field of emotions.
Introduction Hichem Naar and Fabrice Teroni; 1. Mind-body theories and the emotions William Jaworski; 2. Dispositionality and mentality John Heil; 3. Emotion as process Jenefer Robinson; 4. The ontology of emotion Matthew Soteriou; 5. Phenomenal commitments: a puzzle for experiential theories of emotion Jona Vance; 6. An enactivist theory of emotional Content Daniel Shargel and Jesse Prinz; 7. The perceptibility of emotion Joel Smith; 8. Sentiments Hichem Naar; 9. The metaphysics of moods Christine Tappolet; 10. Night fight Clare Mac Cumhaill.
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