New Cambridge Companion to St. Paul

New Cambridge Companion to St. Paul

Longenecker, Bruce W.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Paul, Letters and Communities: 1. What do we find in Paul's letters? Bruce W. Longenecker; 2. Who was Paul? Paula Fredriksen; 3. What kind of world did Paul's communities live in? Richard Ascough; Part II. The Pauline Letter Collection: 4. The Thessalonian and Corinthian letters Margaret Y. MacDonald; 5. Galatians and Romans Peter Oakesz; 6. Philippians and Philemon Douglas A. Campbell; 7. Colossians and Ephesians Sylvia C. Keesmaat; 8. The pastoral epistles James W. Aageson; Part III. Paul's Theological Discourse: 9. What did Paul think is wrong in God's world? Bruce W. Longenecker; 10. What did Paul think God is doing about what's wrong? Michael J. Gorman; 11. What did Paul think God is doing in Christian communities? Susan Grove Eastman; 12. How did Paul read scripture? David Lincicum; 13. Did Paul abandon either Judaism or monotheism? Matthew V. Novenson; 14. Why were people attracted to Paul's good news? David G. Horrell; 15. How was the reception of Paul shaped in the early church? Margaret M. Mitchell; 16. What makes Paul challenging today? John M. G. Barclay.
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