Neuroscience of Suicidal Behavior

Neuroscience of Suicidal Behavior

Cambridge University Press






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1. What is suicidal behavior, and can it be prevented?; 2. Stress, vulnerability, and suicide: the stress-diathesis model; 3. The dark side of the brain: neuroscience approaches to suicidal behavior; 4. Lethal signals: the molecular neuroscience of suicidal behavior; 5. I think, therefore I do not want to be: the cognitive neuroscience of suicidal behavior; 6. Images of the suicidal brain: systems neuroscience and suicide; 7. In my end is my beginning: a developmental neuroscience perspective of suicidal behavior; 8. I predict, therefore I cannot be: a predictive coding account of suicidal behavior; 9. Predicting the unpredictable: the contribution of neuroscience to suicide prediction; 10. The treatment of suicide risk: neuroscience aspects.