Nature of Ordinary Objects

Nature of Ordinary Objects

Cumpa, Javier (Universidad Complutense, Madrid); Brewer, Bill (King's College London)

Cambridge University Press






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Explores contemporary issues around the metaphysics of ordinary objects, a field that has been the subject of renewed interest in recent years. The book brings together leading authors to analyze topics including persistence, composition, and perception, and will be valuable for students and researchers of metaphysics and ontology.
Introduction: issues and options Javier Cumpa and Bill Brewer; 1. Perception and ordinary objects Alex Byrne; 2. Empirical evidence and the metaphysics of ordinary objects Thomas Hofweber; 3. Basic objects as grounds: a metaphysical manifesto Bill Brewer; 4. Objects, ordinary and otherwise John Heil; 5. In defence of ordinary objects and a naturalistic answer to the special composition question Jonas Waechter and James Ladyman; 6. Compound natural beings: varieties of compositional unity Gary S. Rosenkrantz; 7. How can thought select between coincident material things? Rory Madden; 8. Against analytic existence entailments Peter van Inwagen; 9. Mass production Simon J. Evnine; 10. Pragmatism, ontology and ordinary objects Lynne Rudder Baker; 11. What can global pragmatists say about ordinary objects? Amie L. Thomasson; 12. There are no such things as ordinary objects Steven French.
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