National versus the Foreigner in South America

National versus the Foreigner in South America

200 Years of Migration and Citizenship Law

Cambridge University Press






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1. South America's central role in migration and citizenship law; Part I. The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: 2. Open borders in the nineteenth century: constructing the national, the citizen and the foreigner; 3. The construction of the Hispano-American legal figure in the nineteenth century; 4. The legal construction of the foreigner as undesirable in twentieth century South America; Part II. Consolidation and Transition into the Twenty-First Century: 5. The construction of the irregular immigrant: the principle of non-criminalisation of undocumented migration; 6. The right to migrate as a fundamental right? The construction of the foreigner through equal treatment; 7. Open borders and the construction of a South American citizen; 8. Conclusion: constructing and deconstructing the foreigner: an innovative and exceptional approach?