Mystics of al-Andalus

Mystics of al-Andalus

Ibn Barrajan and Islamic Thought in the Twelfth Century

Cambridge University Press






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1. The beginnings of a mystical discourse in al-Andalus: Ibn Masarra, Malikism, and the politics of an epistemological debate; 2. The rise of the Andalusi Mu'tabirun: the influence of Ghazali, markers of the Mu'tabirun tradition, and the onset of institutional Sufism; 3. The life of a contemplative: Ibn Barrajan's educational formation, spiritual practices, political views, and decease; 4. The works of Ibn Barrajan: chronological sequence, manuscript tradition, and central themes; 5. The divine descent: bridging the chasm between God and creation; 6. The hermeneutics of certainty: harmony, hierarchy, and hegemony of the Qur'an; 7. A Muslim scholar of the Bible: biblical proof-texts for Qur'anic teachings in the exegetical works of Ibn Barrajan; 8. The human ascent: I'tibar, cycles of time, and future predictions.
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