Measure of All Minds

Measure of All Minds

Evaluating Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Hernandez-Orallo, Jose

Cambridge University Press






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This cross-disciplinary book is meant for a wide range of readers in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychometrics, comparative psychology, and philosophy. It provides a unified framework for evaluating behavioral features of both natural and artificial intelligence, and critically analyzes what the future of intelligence may look like.
1. Extended nature; 2. Mind the step: scala universalis; 3. The evaluation of human behaviour; 4. The evaluation of non-human natural behaviour; 5. The evaluation of artificial intelligence; 6. The boundaries against a unified evaluation; 7. Intelligence and algorithmic information theory; 8. Cognitive tasks and difficulty; 9. From tasks to tests; 10. The arrangement of abilities; 11. General intelligence; 12. Cognitive development and potential; 13. Identifying social skills; 14. Communication abilities; 15. Evaluating collective and hybrid systems; 16. Universal tests; 17. Rooting for ratiocentrism; 18. Exploitation and exploration.
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