Market Logics of Contemporary Fiction

Market Logics of Contemporary Fiction

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Introduction: neoliberalism, financialization, and the contemporary literary marketplace; Part I. The Emergence of Market Metafiction: 1. Market metafiction and the varieties of postmodernism; Part II. The Phantasmagorias of Contemporary Finance: 2. Trading in the as if: fiduciary exchangeability and supernatural financial fiction; 3. 'The occult logic of 'market forces'': Iain Sinclair's post-Big Bang London; Part III. The Market Knows: 4. The price is right: market epistemology, narrative totality, and the 'big novel'; 5. Fully reflecting: knowing the mind of the market in DeLillo and Kunzru; 6. Putting everything on the table: markets and material conditions in twenty-first-century fiction; 7. Between autonomy and heteronomy: exchanging capital in Zink, Cohen, and Heti; Coda: basic income, or, why Barbara Browning's The Gift is not a gift.
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contemporary fiction; market; literary marketplace; finance; neoliberalism; autonomy; postmodernism; genre; metafiction; critique