Many Lives of Transnational Law

Many Lives of Transnational Law

Critical Engagements with Jessup's Bold Proposal

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Introduction: transnational law, with and beyond Jessup Peer Zumbansen; Part I. Transnational Law: The Public and the Private: 1. Jessup at the United Nations: international legacy, transnational possibilities Stephen Minas; 2. The concept of a global legal system Christopher A. Whytock; 3. How comity makes transnationalism work Thomas Schultz and Niccolo Ridi; Part II. Transnational Law as Regulatory Governance: 4. Aiding and abetting in theorising the increasing softification of the international normative order - a darker legacy of Jessup's transnational law? Karsten Nowrot; 5. From international law to transnational law, from transnational law to transnational legal orders Gregory Shaffer and Carlos Coye; 6. Transnational law in the Pacific Century: mapping pesticide regulation in China Francis Snyder, Zhouke Hu and Lili Ni; 7. Transnational law in context: the relevance of Jessup's analysis for the study of 'international' arbitration Florian Grisel; 8. Transnational Law and Adjudication - Domestic, International and Foreign Intersections Bryan Horrigan; 9. Transnational Law and Global Dispute Resolution Shahla Ali; 10. Conflicts of law and the challenge of transnational data flows Paul Schiff Berman; 11. What lex sportiva tells you about transnational law Antoine Duval; 12. Family law: a blindspot Ivana Isailovic; Part III. Transnational Law: The Field's Normative Stakes: 13. Locating private transnational authority in the global political economy A. Claire Cutler; 14. Transnational law as drama Jothie Rajah; 15. Transnational law as unseen law Natasha Affolder; 16. The Cri De Jessup sixty years later: transnational law's intangible objects and abstracted frameworks Larry Cata Backer; 17. The private life of transnational law: reading Jessup from the postcolony Prabhakar Singh; 18. After the backlash: a new pride for transnational law? Ralf Michaels; Part IV. Conclusion: Epilogue - difficulties for every solution: defining transnational law at the edge of transdisciplinarity Vik Kanwar.
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Philip Jessup; transnational law; public international law; private international law; international relations; governance; legal theory