Many Hands of the State

Many Hands of the State

Theorizing Political Authority and Social Control

Orloff, Ann Shola; Morgan, Kimberly J.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Kimberly J. Morgan and Ann Shola Orloff; Part I. Locating the State: The Problem of Boundaries: 1. Reconciling equal treatment with respect for individuality: associations in the symbiotic state Elisabeth Clemens; 2. Beyond the hidden American state: rethinking government visibility Damon Mayrl and Sarah Quinn; 3. States as a series of people exchanges Armando Lara-Millan; 4. State metrology: the rating of sovereigns and the judgment of nations Marion Fourcade; Part II. Stratification and the Transformation of States: 5. Gendered states made and remade: gendered labor policies in the US and Sweden, 1960-2010 Ann Shola Orloff; 6. States and gender justice Mala Htun and S. Laurel Weldon; 7. The civil rights states: how the American state develops itself Desmond King and Robert C. Lieberman; 8. Disaggregating the racial state: activists, diplomats and the partial shift toward racial equality in Brazil Tianna S. Paschel; Part III. Developing the Sinews of Power: 9. Democratic states of unexception: towards a new genealogy of the American political William J. Novak, Stephen W. Sawyer and James T. Sparrow; 10. Performing order: an examination of the seemingly impossible task of subjugating large numbers of people, everywhere, all the time Christian Davenport; 11. Fiscal forearms: taxation as the lifeblood of the modern liberal state Ajay K. Mehrotra; 12. Unexpected adversaries: the state and the revolution in war Meyer Kestnbaum; Part IV. States and Empires: The Transnational/Global Turn: 13. Imperial states and the age of discovery in transition(s) to modernity Julia Adams and Steve Pincus; 14. Making legibility between colony and empire: translation, conflation, and the making of the Muslim state Iza Hussin; 15. The octopus and the Hekatonkheire: on many-armed states and tentacular empires George Steinmentz.
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