Long Journey of English

Long Journey of English

A Geographical History of the Language

Cambridge University Press






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Prologue: a view from the birthplace; 1. Where it all started: the language which became English; 2. The journey begins: the first movement south; 3. Interlude: a view from the Celtic island; 4. Heading west again: the North Sea crossing 400-600; 5. Anglo-Saxons and Celts in the English highlands 600-800; 6. And further west: across the Irish Sea 800-1200; 7. Atlantic crossing: on to the Americas 1600-1800; 8. Onwards to the Pacific shore; 9. Across the Equator: into the Southern Hemisphere 1800-1900; 10. Some turning back: English in retreat; 11. Meanwhile... Britain and the British Isles from 1600; 12. Transcultural diffusion: the New Native Englishes; Epilogue: sixteen hundred years on.
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