Literature of Political Economy

Literature of Political Economy

A Classified Catalogue of Select Publications in the Different Departments of that Science, with Historical, Critical and Biographical Notices

McCulloch, J. R.

Cambridge University Press






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John Ramsay McCulloch (1789-1864) wrote or edited numerous works on the nascent field of political economy (several are reissued in this series). Featuring many crisply annotated entries, this 1845 bibliography ranges in coverage from money and prices to slavery and foundling hospitals, reflecting the sheer breadth of McCulloch's reading.
Preface; 1. Treatise on political economy in general; 2. Commerce and commercial policy; 3. Money, banks, exchanges, etc.; 4. Prices; 5. Roads, canals, railways, etc.; 6. Political arithmetic, statistics, and agricultural economy; 7. Coal trade; 8. Herring and other fisheries; 9. Manufactures, arts, etc.; 10. Insurance of lives, ships, houses, etc.; 11. Interest and annuities, usury, etc.; 12. Progress of population; 13. Foundlings and foundling hospitals; 14. Naturalization; 15. Bills of mortality; 16. Wages, pauperism, poor-laws, etc.; 17. Right of property, law of succession, copyrights, etc.; 18. Slavery; 19. Revenue and finance; 20. Miscellaneous; Index of authors; Index of books.
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