Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals

Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals

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Part I. International Trade Courts and Tribunals: 1. Introduction Robert Howse, Geir Ulfstein, Helene Ruiz-Fabri and Michelle Zang; 2. The WTO adjudicating bodies Gabrielle Marcea and Reto Marco Malacrida; 3. The court of justice of the European Union Pieter-Jan Kuijper; 4. The EFTA Court Halvard Haukeland Fredriksen; 5. The United States court of justice Donald C. Pogue; 6. The Federal Courts of Canada Maureen Irish; 7. The case of MERCOSURl Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida; 8. The Andean Court of Justice Miguel Antonio Villamizar; 9. The case of the economic court of the ISIS Rilka Dragneva; 10. The COMESA Court of Justice James Thuo Gathii; 11. The WAEMA Court of Justice Illy Ousseni; 12. The ASEAN Trade Dispute Settlement Mechanism Michael Ewing-Chow and Ranyta Yusran; Part II. Cross Cutting Studies: 13. A comparative analysis of formal independence Theresa Squatrito; 14. Judicial interaction of international trade courts and tribunals Michelle Zang; 15. Access to trade tribunals - comparative perspectives Ole-Kristian Fauchald; 16. Towards a more just WTO: which justice, whose interpretation? Andreas Follesdal; Conclusions.
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