Legacy of Johann Strauss

Legacy of Johann Strauss

Political Influence and Twentieth-Century Identity

Lang, Zoe Alexis

Cambridge University Press






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The Legacy of Johann Strauss examines constructions of Austrian identity through an examination of commentary on Johann Strauss, Jr's waltzes. Zoe Alexis Lang argues that Strauss's music remained popular because it continued to be revitalised by Austrians seeking to define their culture.
Introduction; 1. Johann Strauss, Jr's biography: facts and fictions; 2. The Strauss, Jr centennial (1925); 3. Johann Strauss, Jr as German; 4. Johann Strauss, Jr as Jew; 5. The Emperor Waltz in the twentieth century: a case study; Appendix A. Articles published during the 1925 Strauss, Jr centennial; Appendix B. Listing of official events for the 1925 Strauss, Jr centennial; Appendix C. Four Philharmonic Academy concerts, 1940-1941 season.
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