Laws of Globalization and Business Applications

Laws of Globalization and Business Applications

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Law of Semiglobalization: 1. Defining and measuring globalization with Steven A. Altman; 2. The depth of globalization; 3. Globalization in historical perspective with Geoffrey G. Jones; 4. The globalization of business; Part II. The Law of Distance: 5. The breadth of globalization and distance; 6. Distances at industry and company level with Steven A. Altman; 7. Distance and international business research with Steven A. Altman; Part III. Business Applications: 8. Cultural distance and national cultural differences with B. Sebastian Reiche; 9. Administrative distance and institutional variety with Thomas M. Hout; 10. Geographic distance and regionalization with Steven A. Altman; 11. Economic distance and the big shift to emerging economies with Steven A. Altman; Index.
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