Kingdom of Darkness

Kingdom of Darkness

Bayle, Newton, and the Emancipation of the European Mind from Philosophy

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Abbreviations and Conventions; Part I. Giving Up Philosophy: The Transformation of a System of Knowledge: 1. Giving Up Philosophy; 1.1. The Emancipation of Natural Philosophy from Metaphysics; 1.2. The Emancipation of Theology from Philosophy; 1.3. Reconstructing the Pagan Mind in Seventeenth-century Europe: A Historico-philosophical Critique of Pure Reason; Part II. Pierre Bayle and The Emancipation of Religion from Philosophy: 2. Pierre Bayle: A Life in the Republic of Letters; 2.1. Greece, Asia, and the Logic of Paganism. Cartesian Occasionalism as the only 'Christian Philosophy'; 2.2. The Manichean Articles and the 'Sponge of All Religions'; 2.3. Theological Method and the Foundations of Protestant Faith; 2.4. Virtuous Atheism, Philosophic Sin, and Toleration; Part III. Isaac Newton and the Emancipation of Natural Philosophy from Metaphysics: 3. The Formation of Newton's Natural Philosophical Project, 1664-1687; 3.1. After the Principia. Justifying a Science of Properties and the Invention of 'Newtonianism'; 3.2. The Queries to the Optice (1706). An Intelligent God, the Divine Sensorium, and the Development of an Anti-metaphysical Natural Theology; 3.3. The General Scholium: A Non-metaphysical Physics; 3.4. Newton's Kingdom of Darkness Complete; Part IV. Conclusion: The European System of Knowledge, 1700 and Beyond: Conclusion; Bibliography.
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