Justice of Visual Art

Justice of Visual Art

Creative State-Building in Times of Political Transition

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; 2. Art and justice in times of transition; Part I. Recognising Transitional Justice in the Nation State: 3. From prison to court; 4. Shaping 'legal' space; 5. The art of recognition; 6. The visual jurisprudence of transition; Part II. Representing Transitional Justice on the Global Stage: 7. From banned to embraced; 8. Mapping political art-scapes; 9. The art of representation; 10. The cultural diplomacy of Imaginary Fact; 11. Conclusion.
Visual Art; South Africa; Constitutional Court; Venice Biennale; Transitional Justice; Cultural Diplomacy; Visual Jurisprudence; Visual Politics; Human Rights; State-building