International Diplomacy of Israel's Founders

International Diplomacy of Israel's Founders

Deception at the United Nations in the Quest for Palestine

Quigley, John

Cambridge University Press






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This book will make even persons who consider themselves knowledgeable on the Middle East see the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a new light. It shows that at key turning points the United Nations acted on inaccurate information and false promises.
1. A public relations imperative; 2. Promises, promises; 3. Pranks in Paris and Geneva; 4. Courting the commissar; 5. Saving Europe's Jews - our way; 6. Smoke and mirrors at the YMCA; 7. The ship that launched a nation; 8. Cocktails at the consulate; 9. Causing chaos; 10. Denying the undeniable; 11. A peace-loving state?; 12. Joining the world with fingers crossed; 13. Israel 1, United Nations 0; 14. A phantom attack; 15. Sabras in Sinai: pardon my French; 16. Suez smoke-screen; 17. Mr Nasser, please attack; 18. Abba Eban's finest hour; 19. Old issues, new lies; 20. An organization turned sinister; 21. Prevarication pays.
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