International Criminal Responsibility of War's Funders and Profiteers

International Criminal Responsibility of War's Funders and Profiteers

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Introduction Nina H. B. Jorgensen; Part I. Financiers and Profiteers after the Second World War: Legal and Political Perspectives: 1. Economic Aggression - A Soviet Concept Kirsten Sellars; 2. Forced Labour and Norwegian War Profiteers in the Legal Purges after the Second World War Hans Otto Froland; 3. Economic Protectionism: Economic Policy and the Choice of Targets in International Criminal Tribunals Mark D. Kielsgard; Part II. Arms Fairs and 'Flying Money': The Circulation of Weapons, Art and Cash in Conflict Zones: 4. Linking Economic Actors to the Core International Crimes of the Syrian Regime Nina H. B. Jorgensen and William H. Wile; 5. The Islamic State and the Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property Marina Lostal; 6. Arms Transfer Complicity under the Rome Statute Tomas Hamilton; Part III. Developing the Available Law: Economic War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity: 7. The Prohibition of Pillage in International Humanitarian Law Eve La Haye; 8. A Jurisprudential History of the Displacement Crimes Applicable to Corporate Landgrabbing James G. Stewart; 9. The International Responsibility of War Profiteers for Trafficking in Persons Michael Ramsden; Part IV. Where should the buck stop? The Legal Framework for Economic Aiders and Abettors: 10. Charles Taylor Inc: Lessons from the Trial of a President, Businessman and Warlord Nina H. B. Jorgensen; 11. A Different Type of Aid: The Funders of Wars as Aiders and Abettors under International Criminal Law Jan Wouters and Hendrik Vandekerckhove; 12. Aiding and Abetting and Causation in the Commission of International Crimes - the Cases of Dutch Businessmen Van Anraat and Kouwenhoven Goeran Sluiter; Part V. Criminal Accountability and Beyond: Future Directions for Individual and Corporate Responsibility: 13. On Criminal Responsibility for Terrorist Financing: An Analysis of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Liu Daqun; 14. Seeking Accountability of Corporate Actors Juan P. Calderon-Meza; 15. Alternatives to Prosecutions: Accountability through Civil Litigation for Human Rights Violations by Private Military Contractors Katherine Gallagher; Part VI. Discovering and Recovering the Profits of War: Fines, Forfeiture and Reparations: 16. Catching Wars' Funders and Profiteers: The Disjointed Web of Corporate Criminal Liability in England and Wales Russell Hopkins; 17. Asset Recovery at International (ised) Criminal Tribunals: Fines, Forfeiture, and Orders for Reparations Daley J. Birkett; 18. Reparation Mechanisms for Victims of Armed Conflict: Common and Basic Principles Shuichi Furuya; Conclusion: The Relationship Between Economic and Atrocity Crimes - Challenges and Opportunities Stephen J. Rapp.
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