International Court of Justice and Decolonisation

International Court of Justice and Decolonisation

New Directions from the Chagos Advisory Opinion


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List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Table of cases and awards; Table of legislation; List of abbreviations; 1. Decolonization and the international court of justice: new directions from the Chagos advisory opinion Thomas Burri and Jamie Trinidad; 2. Chagos, custom and the interpretation of UN general assembly resolutions James Summers; 3. Reflections on the treatment of general assembly resolutions in the Chagos advisory opinion Stephen Allen; 4. The Chagos advisory opinion and the principle of consent to adjudication Zeno Crespi Reghizzi; 5. Two takes on Chagos - reconciling the advisory opinion with the res judicata effect of the unclos arbitral award Johannes Hendrik Fahner; 6. State responsibility in advisory proceedings: thoughts on judicial propriety and multilateralism in the Chagos opinion Fernando Lusa Bordin; 7. Peremptory norms in the advisory opinion of the international court of justice on the decolonization of Mauritius and the Chagos archipelago Antoni Pigrau; 8. Reflections on the United Kingdom's assertion of sovereignty over the Chagos archipelago in the wake of the Chagos advisory opinion Chris Monaghan; 9. The Chagos marine protected area Sue Farran; 10. Human rights and the Chagos advisory opinion Irini Papanicolopulu and Thomas Burri; 11. Heightened scrutiny of colonial consent according to the Chagos advisory opinion: pandora's box reopened? Mohor Fajdiga, Ula Aleksandra Kos, Gregor Oprckal, Anze Medizevec, Pia Novak, Ana Samobor, Miha Plahutnik, Anze Kimovec, Ursa Demsar, Vid Drole and Hana Serbec; 12. Chagos and the perplexities of the law of treaties Peter H Sand; 13. Prospect of the Chagos advisory opinion and the subsequent UN general assembly resolution helping resolve the future of the Chagos archipelago and of its former inhabitants: a political perspective David Snoxell; 14. Reflections on the human tragedy underlying the Chagos case and the way forward Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer; Index.
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