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Venkatachalam, Meera

Cambridge University Press






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Slavery, Memory and Religion in Southeastern Ghana, c.1850-Present aims to reconstruct the religious history of the Anlo-Ewe peoples from the 1850s. In particular, it focuses on a corpus of cultic practices collectively known as 'Fofie', which derived their legitimacy from engaging with the memory of the slave-holding past.
1. Ghosts of slavery?; 2. The Anlo-Ewe: portrait of a people; 3. The dance of Alegba: Anlo-Ewe religion; 4. Slavery in the Anlo imagination; 5. Early modern Anlo, c.1750-1910; 6. Gods from the north, c.1910-40; 7. Yesu vide, dzo vide, c.1940-90; 8. Revisiting slavery.
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