Intellectual World of the Italian Renaissance

Intellectual World of the Italian Renaissance

Language, Philosophy, and the Search for Meaning

Celenza, Christopher S. (Georgetown University, Washington DC)

Cambridge University Press






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This book serves as a key resource for students and scholars seeking an introduction to Italian Renaissance intellectual life. Focusing on philosophy and literature, and Latin and Italian sources, it brings together recent scholarship, makes an original contribution to the field, and works beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries.
1. Beginnings; 2. Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio; 3. The Italian Renaissance takes root in Florence; 4. Florentine humanism, translation, and a new (old) philosophy; 5. Dialogues, institutions, and social exchange; 6. Who owns culture? Classicism, institutions, and the vernacular; 7. Poggio Bracciolini; 8. Lorenzo Valla; 9. The nature of the Latin language: Poggio versus Valla; 10. Valla, Latin, Christianity, culture; 11. A changing environment; 12. Florence: Marsilio Ficino, I; 13. Ficino, II; 14. The voices of culture in late fifteenth-century Florence; 15. 'We barely have time to breathe'. Poliziano, Pico, Ficino, and the beginning of the end of the Florentine Renaissance; 16. Angelo Poliziano's Lamia in context; 17. Endings and new beginnings: the language debate.
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