Humanist World of Renaissance Florence

Humanist World of Renaissance Florence

Maxson, Brian Jeffrey (East Tennessee State University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book offers the first synthetic interpretation of the humanist movement in Renaissance Florence in more than fifty years. Brian Jeffrey Maxson shows how this network of humanists enabled the launch of a cultural movement that established Florence as the pre-eminent center of learning in Italy, and that spread beyond Italy to the rest of Europe.
Introduction. A social conception of the humanist movement; 1. Learned connections and the humanist movement; 2. Literary and social humanists; 3. The social origins of the Florentine humanists; 4. The humanist demands of ritual; 5. Civic failure of the literary humanists or literary failure of the civic humanists?; 6. The rise of the social humanists, 1400-55; 7. Humanism as a means to social status, 1456-85.
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