Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques

Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques

Samei, Ehsan; Krupinski, Elizabeth A.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Medical image perception Ehsan Samei and Elizabeth Krupinski; 2. A short history of image perception in medical radiology Harold Kundel and Calvin Nodine; 3. Spatial vision research without noise Arthur Burgess; 4. Signal detection theory - a brief history Arthur Burgess; 5. Signal detection in radiology Arthur Burgess; 6. Lessons from dinners with the giants of modern image science Robert Wagner; 7. Perception in context David Manning; 8. Perceptual factors in reading medical images Elizabeth A Krupinski; 9. Cognitive factors in reading medical images David Manning; 10. Satisfaction of search in radiology Kevib Berbaum, Edmund Franken, Robert Caldwell, Kevin Schartz and Mark Madsen; 11. Acquiring expertise in radiologic image interpretation Calvin F. Nodine and Claudia Mello-Thoms; 12. The first moments of medical image perception Jeremy M. Wolfe, Karla K. Evans and Trafton Drew; 13. Image quality and its clinical relevance Justin Solomon, Robert Saunders, Jr and Ehsan Samei; 14. Designing perception experiments Ehsan Samei; 15. Receiver operating characteristic analysis: basic concepts and practical applications Georgia Tourassi; 16. Multireader ROC analysis Stephen L. Hillis; 17. Memory effects and experimental design Tamara Miner Haygood and Karla K. Evans; 18. Observer models as a surrogate to perception experiments Craig K. Abbey and Miguel P. Eckstein; 19. Implementation of observer models Matthew A. Kupinski; 20. Value and limitations of observer models Lucretiu M. Popescu; 21. Perception of volumetric data Geoffrey D. Rubin, Trafton Drew and Lauren H. Williams; 22. Performance assessment using standardized data sets: the PERFORMS (R) scheme in breast screening and other domains Yan Chen and Alastair Gale; 23. Breast screen reader assessment strategy (BREAST): a research infrastructure with a translational objective Patrick Brennan, Lee Warwick and Kriscia Tapia; 24. CAD: an image perception perspective Maryellen Giger and Weijie Chen; 25. Common designs of CAD studies Yulei Jiang; 26. Evaluation of CAD and radiomic tools Berkman Sahiner and Nicholas Petrick; 27. Quantitative imaging - images to numbers Daniel C. Sullivan and Edward F. Jackson; 28. Optimization of 2D and 3D radiographic imaging systems Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen; 29. Display optimization from a physics perspective Alisa Walz-Flannigan and Scott Stekel; 30. Display optimisation from a perception perspective Mark Mcentee and Rachel Toomey; 31. Perception and training William F. Auffermann and Maciej Mazurowski; 32. Ergonomics 2.0: fatigue in medical imaging Sian Taylor-Phillips, Chris Stinton and Elizabeth Krupinski; 33. Perception issues in pathology Liron Pananowitz, Claudia Mello-Thoms and Elizabeth A. Krupinski; 34. Medical image perception from a clinical perspective Francine L. Jacobson; 35. Future of medical image perception Elizabeth A. Krupinski and Ehsan Samei.
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