Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education

Global Evolution of Clinical Legal Education

More than a Method

Wilson, Richard J.

Cambridge University Press






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This book explores clinical legal education, from its historical origins of clinical experiments in the earliest days of US university legal education to the now-global reach of clinical pedagogy as a proven tool for effective training of legal professionals.
Introduction; 1. A global tour of legal education's primary teaching methods: the persistence of tradition; Part I. Origins: 2. Early University legal education in the US: a pedagogy of practice from the Antebellum Period to 1917; 3. The earliest legal clinics: dispensaries, clinics, the legal aid connection and the roots of a movement, 1870-1916; 4. The clinical model in early US medical training: why law didn't follow; 5. Theory and clinical legal education; Part II. Global Reach: 6. Clinical legal education in Latin America; 7. Clinical legal education in Central and Eastern Europe; 8. Clinical legal education in Africa; 9. Clinical legal education in East Asia; 10. Clinical legal education in Central, South East and South Asia, and the Pacific Island nations; 11. Clinical legal education in the Middle East; 12. Clinical legal education in continental Western Europe.
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