Global Chemical Industry in the Age of the Petrochemical Revolution

Global Chemical Industry in the Age of the Petrochemical Revolution

Zamagni, Vera; Galambos, Louis; Hikino, Takashi

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Takashi Hikino, Vera Zamagni and Louis Galambros; Part I. Cross Cutting Ideas: 1. The evolution of networks in the chemical industry Alfonso Gambardella, Fabrizio Cesaroni and Myriam Mariani; 2. Competitive strategies of the world's largest chemical companies Harm Schroeter; 3. Financial systems and corporate strategy in the chemical industry Marco Da Rin; 4. Government environmental policies and the chemical industry Wyn Grant; Part II. World Players: Leaders: 5. The German chemical industry after World War II Ulrich Wengenroth; 6. The American chemical industry since the petrochemical evolution John Kenly Smith; Part III. Competitors: 7. The export-dependence of the Swiss chemical industry and the internationalization of Swiss chemical firms (1950-2000) Margrit Muller; 8. The petrochemical industry in the Nordic countries, 1960-2000: some development patterns Gunnar Nerheim; 9. Repositioning of European chemical groups and changes in innovation management: the case of the French Chemical Industry Florence Charue Duboc; 10. The resilience of the British Chemical Industry Wyn Grant; 11. The development and struggle of the Japanese chemical enterprises since the petrochemical revolution Takashi Hikino; Part IV. European Followers: 12. The rise and fall of the Italian petrochemical industry (1950s-1990s) Vera Zamagni; 13. The global accommodation of a latecomer: the Spanish chemical industry since the petrochemical revolution; Conclusion: some final observances Vera Zamagni and Louis Galambros; Appendix I. The chemical industry in the post Second World War period: a quantitative assessment Renato Giannetti; Appendix II. Selected bibliography.
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