German Right, 1918-1930

German Right, 1918-1930

Political Parties, Organized Interests, and Patriotic Associations in the Struggle against Weimar Democracy

Jones, Larry Eugene

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Setting the context; 1. Revolution and realignment; 2. Infrastructure of the German right; 3. Forging a conservative synthesis; 4. Growth and consolidation; 5. The radical right; 6. 1923: a missed opportunity?; 7. From triumph to schism; 8. Stabilization from the right?; 9. Paladins of the right; 10. The forces of national revival; 11. The road back to power; 12. The burden of responsibility; 13. From defeat to crisis; 14. Reverberations and realignment; 15. The chimera of right-wing unity; 16. Schism and fragmentation; 17. The Bruening gambit; 18. The September earthquake; Conclusion. The price of disunity.
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