Genetics of African Populations in Health and Disease

Genetics of African Populations in Health and Disease


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1. Reflections on conceptualizing Africa for biological studies with a historical component: a small essay Shomarka Omar Y. Keita; 2. History and genetics in Africa: multidisciplinary efforts Shomarka Omar Y. Keita and Muntaser E. Ibrahim; 3. Disease, selection, and evolution in the African landscape Muntaser Ibrahim and Endashaw Bekele; 4. Genetic susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis Hiba S. Mohamed, Muntaser E. Ibrahim and Jenefer M. Blackwell; 5. Genetics of infection in Sub-Saharan Africa: what can the study of Mendelian immunodeficiency disorders contribute? Melanie Newport; 6. Pharmacogenomics and infectious diseases in Africa: an evolutionary perspective Jennifer L. Baker, Daniel Shriner, Amy R. Bentley and Charles N. Rotimi; 7. A glimpse into pharmacogenomics in Africa Collet Dandara and Alice Matimba; 8. Genomics of cardiometabolic disorders in Sub-Saharan Africa Sally N. Adebamowo, Fasil Tekola-Ayele, Adebowale A. Adeyemo and Charles N. Rotimi; 9. Breast cancer in African populations Konduru S. Sastry and Lotfi Chouchane; 10. Socio-biological transition and cancer: prospects for Africa Sulma Mahmoud, Khalid O. Alfarouk, Ahmed M. Elhassan, Kamal Hamad and Muntaser E. Ibrahim; 11. The genetic epidemiology of orphan diseases in North Africa Lilia Romdhane, Olfa Messaoud, Rym Kefi, Afaf Tiar, Ahlem Amouri, Mourad Mokni, Neji Tebib, Mohamed Zghal, Abdelhamid Barakat, Ahmed Houmeida, Mariem Bozguiya, Mohamed Othman, Ghada El Qameh and Sonia Abdelhak; 12. Birth defects and genetic disease in Sub-Saharan Africa Ambroise Wonkam; 13. Neurogenetic disorders in Africa: hereditary spastic paraplegia: a case study Liena E. O. Elsayed, Ammar E. M. Ahmed and Giovanni Stevanin.
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