First of the Modern Ottomans

First of the Modern Ottomans

The Intellectual History of Ahmed Vasif

Cambridge University Press






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List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Note on the text; Dramatis personae; Chronology; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Out of the east: early life (c.1735-68); 2. At war (1768-74); 3. Years of faction and reform (1774-87); 4. 'Honorable exile': in Spain (1787-8); 5. At war (1788-92); 6. Vasif and the new order (1792-1800); 7. The height of fame (1800-6); 8. Epilogue: Vasif as ancient and modern; Appendix: on the authorship of the Final Word to Refute the Rabble; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
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