First Year of College

First Year of College

Research, Theory, and Practice on Improving the Student Experience and Increasing Retention

Feldman, Robert S., PhD. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines the first year of college from a variety of perspectives to paint a comprehensive picture of the intersecting challenges facing today's students and higher education institutions.
Preface; Part I. Societal and Demographic Factors Underlying First-Year Student Success: 1. Exploring the role of affordability on first-year student access and persistence Jamey Rorison, Mamie Voight and Alain Poutre; 2. Realizing the educational benefits of diversity: a state of perpetual institutional self-correction Michell J. Chang; 3. First-generation college student success Evan Mulfinger, Chen Zuo, Frederick L. Oswald and Alex Casillas; Part II. Practices That Foster Student Success: 4. Investigating first-year seminars as a high-impact practice Jennifer R. Keup and Dallin George Young; 5. Transforming the 'real first-year experience': the case for and approaches to improving gateway courses Andrew K. Koch and John N. Gardner; 6. Strengthening success for students with multiple risk factors David A. Laude, Lindsey A. Kaschner, Cassandre Giguere Alvarado and Carolyn K. Connerat; 7. Student engagement and retention James Cole, Robert Gonyea and Louis Rocconi; 8. Bloom's 2 sigma problem and data-driven approaches for improving student success Alfred Essa and Stephen Laster; Part III. Attitude and Behavior Change Promoting Student Success: 9. Nudges, norms, and navigation: behavioral insights to improve student success Benjamin Castleman and Katharine Meyer; 10. Promoting mindset change and student success Robert S. Feldman, Karan Goel, Arthur Blakemore and Mattityahu Zimbler; 11. Stereotype threat and stereotype inoculation: barriers that prevent and interventions that promote the success of underrepresented students in the first year of college Tara C. Dennehy, Jacqueline S. Smith, Chelsea Moore and Nilanjana Dasgupta; Index.
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