First Frame

First Frame

Theatre Space in Enlightenment France

Camp, Pannill (Washington University, St Louis)

Cambridge University Press






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Drawing on philosophy, dramatic theory, and architecture, this is the only book in English about the modernisation of French playhouses before the Revolution. Exploring theatre architecture reform in France as part of a broader cultural phenomenon, it will be of interest to students of theatre, architecture, and the Enlightenment.
Introduction: the 'first frame' of Enlightenment theatre space; 1. The divided scene of theatre space in the Neo-classical era; 2. The theatrical frame in French Neo-classical dramatic theory; 3. Enlightenment spectators and the theatre of experiment; 4. Theatre architecture reform and the spectator as sense function; 5. Optics and stage space in Enlightenment theatre design; Epilogue: modern spectatorial consciousness; Appendix: dedicated public theatres built in France, 1752-90.
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