Firebird and the Fox

Firebird and the Fox

Russian Culture under Tsars and Bolsheviks

Brooks, Jeffrey

Cambridge University Press






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List of illustrations; Preface; Introduction: an age of genius; Part I. Emancipation of the Arts (1850-1889): 1. Freedom and the fool; 2. Desire and rebellion; 3. Artists and subjects; 4. Anton Chekhov in his time; 5. The writer as civic actor; Part II. Politics and the Arts (1890-1916): 6. After realism: art and authority; 7. The performing arts: Diaghilev's Ballets Russes; 8. Celebrity, humor, and the avant-garde; Part III. The Bolshevik Revolution and the Arts (1917-1950): 9. A new normal; 10. Irony and power; 11. An era of the fox; 12. Goodness endures; Epilogue.
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