Epistemic Lightness of Truth

Epistemic Lightness of Truth

Deflationism and its Logic

Cieslinski, Cezary

Cambridge University Press






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Provides an up-to-date discussion and defence of deflationism about truth, addressing recent philosophical developments in axiomatic truth theories and evaluating the notion of the innocence of truth. This volume will benefit both students and scholars of philosophy, particularly those interested in logic and in conceptions of truth.
Introduction; 1. Preliminaries; 2. Approaches to truth; Part I. Disquotation: 3. Disquotational theories; 4. Why do we need disquotational truth?; 5. The generalisation problem; Part II. Conservativity: 6. (Non)conservativity of disquotation; 7. CT and CT: conservativity properties; 8. Other compositional truth theories; 9. Conservativity: philosophical motivations; 10. Maximal conservative theories; 11. The conservativeness argument; Part III. Reflection Principles: 12. The strength of reflection principles; 13. Deflationism and truth-theoretical strength.
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