Eighth Amendment and Its Future in a New Age of Punishment

Eighth Amendment and Its Future in a New Age of Punishment


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Part I. A History of the Eighth Amendment: 1. From the Founding to the Present: An Overview of Legal Thought and the Eighth Amendment's Evolution John D. Bessler; 2. Back to the Future: Originalism and the Eighth Amendment John F. Stinneford; 3. Eighth Amendment Federalism Michael J. Zydney Mannheimer; Part II. The Landscape of Eighth Amendment Doctrine; 4. Eighth Amendment Values William W. Berry III and Meghan J. Ryan; 5. The Power, Problems, and Potential of "Evolving Standards of Decency" Corinna Barrett Lain; 6. Judicial Hesitancy and Majoritarianism William W. Berry III; 7. Punishment Purposes and Eighth Amendment Disproportionality Richard S. Frase; 8. The Administrative Law of the Eighth Amendment Richard A. Bierschbach; 9. Evading the Eighth Amendment: Prison Conditions and the Courts Sharon Dolovich; 10. Excessive Deference-The Eighth Amendment Bail Clause Samuel R. Wiseman; 11. Nor Excessive Fines Imposed Beth A. Colgan; Part III. The Future of the Eighth Amendment; 12. Judicial Abolition of the American Death Penalty Under the Eighth Amendment: The Most Likely Path Carol Steiker and Jordan Steiker; 13. Back to the Future with Execution Methods Deborah W. Denno; 14. Evolving Standards of Lethal Injection Eric Berger; 15. The Future of Juvenile Life Without Parole Sentences Cara H. Drinan; 16. Metrics of Mayhem: Quantifying Capriciousness in Capital Cases Sherod Thaxton; 17. Race Discrimination in Punishment Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier; 18. Science and the Eighth Amendment Meghan J. Ryan