Death Arts in Renaissance England

Death Arts in Renaissance England

A Critical Anthology

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Part I. Preparatory and dying Arts: I.1. To know well to die (1490); I.2. The Calendar of Shepherds (1518); I.3. The way of dying well (1534); I.4. The Lamentation of a Sinner (1547); I.5. 'A Meditation of a penitent Sinner' (1560); I.6. A Fruitful treatise...against the fear of Death (1564); I.7. A Spiritual Consolation (1578); I.8. The repentance of Robert Greene (1592); I.9. A Salve for a Sick Man (1595); I.10. The Mother's Blessing (1616); I.11. Selected Works (1628, 1635); I.12. 'The unnatural Wife' (1628); I.13. An antidote against purgatory (1634); I.14. Holy dying (1651); I.15. The virgin's pattern (1661); I.16. A Token for Children (1676); I.17. 'A True account of...last dying speeches' (1690); Part II. Funereal and Commemorative Arts: II.1.Chronicles (1548); II.2. 'The Order for the burial of the dead' (1549); II.3. The Primer set forth at large (1559); II.4. Acts and Monuments (1576); II.5. The Glorious Martyrdom of twelve Priests (1582); II.6. The life and death of Sir Philip Sidney (1587); II.7. The French History (1589); II.8. 'Doleful Lay of Clorinda' (1595); II.9. Selected Works (1603, 1604); II.10. 'A Mirror of Modesty' (1621); II.11. 'A Sermon...the 5th of November, 1606' (1629); II.12. The Phoenix of these late times (1637); II.13. Eikon Basilike (1649); II.14. 'An Elegy on the Lady Markham' (1653); II.15. A String of Pearls (1657); II.16. Poems (1669); II.17. 'An Essay upon Death' (1696); Part III. Knowing and Understanding Death: III.1. The despising of the World (1532); III.2. A Preservative against Death (1545); III.3. A Godly Meditation (1548); III.4. A Mirror for Magistrates (1587); III.5. The Haven of Health (1588); III.6. Protection for Woman (1589); III.7. Montaigne's Essays (1603); III.8. The Works of Seneca (1614); III.9. Navmachia (1622); III.10. 'Of Death' (1625); III.11. Mikrokosmographia (1631); III.12. 'A View of the present State of Ireland' (1633); III.13. A View of all Religions in the World (1653); III.14. Natural and Political Observations (1662); III.15. Philosophical Letters (1664); III.16. Lucretius's Six Books (1683); III.17. Principles of the most Ancient and Modern Philosophy (1692); Part IV. Death Arts in Literature: IV.1. The Ship of Fools (1509); IV.2. The Summoning of Everyman (1528); IV.3. The Dance of Death (1554); IV.4. 'Complaint of a Dying Lover' (1557); IV.5. 'A Strange Punishment' (1566); IV.6. 'Gascoigne's Goodnight' (1573); IV.7. 'The Manner of her Will' (1573); IV.8. The Mirror of Princely deeds and Knighthood (1578); IV.9. Selected Works (1594, 1604); IV.10. Selected Works (1606, 1614); IV.11. Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (1611); IV.12. Selected Works (1611, 1613); IV.13. The Tragedy of Mariam (1613); IV.14. Urania (1621); IV.15. 'The last Will and Testament of Philip Herbert' (1650); IV.16. 'The Nymph complaining for the death of her Fawn' (1681); IV.17. Oroonoko (1688).
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