Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 27, 1879

Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 27, 1879

Burkhardt, Frederick (American Council of Learned Societies); Secord, James A.; Darwin, Charles

Cambridge University Press






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This volume of the definitive edition of Charles Darwin's letters provides texts of more than 650 letters Darwin wrote and received in 1879. Darwin researched and published a biography of his grandfather Erasmus Darwin, and continued working on On the Power of Movement in Plants.
List of illustrations; List of letters; Introduction; Acknowledgments; List of provenances; Note on editorial policy; Darwin/Wedgwood genealogy; Abbreviations and symbols; The Correspondence; Appendixes: I. Translations; II. Chronology; III. Diplomas; IV. Presentation list for Erasmus Darwin; V. Reviews of Erasmus Darwin; Manuscript alterations and comments; Biographical register and index to correspondents; Bibliography; Notes on manuscript sources; Index.
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